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Great for Kids prayer ministries, classrooms, at home, and just for fun!

Kids Prayer Spinners

  • Use these creative, fun spinner cards with your children to train how to pray for families, churches, people groups, nations, and more. 
    The front of the card has eight different prayer topics, and the back tells how to pray for each one.
    These are great for use individually, as a family, or in a large group. 

    4 cards per set:
    Card one - CHURCHES: pastors, leaders, families, finances, youth, Sunday school, outreach, and revival
    Card two - FAMILIES: children, mothers, fathers, finances, single parents, education, broken homes, and spiritual life
    Card three - MISSIONARIES: missionaries, finances, health, influence, relationships, missionary kids, government leaders, and language/Bible translations
    Card four - PEOPLE GROUPS: Hindus, Buddhists, Tribal groups, Muslims, the Unreligious, the Unreached, Christians, and the Persecuted

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