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This book has already helped many others expand their prayer life and make it an effective time they look forward to each day!

"Call to Prayer" Prayer Journal - Floral

$50.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
    A prayer journal/notebook that expands along with your prayer life!

    Get this new prayer book, created with a beautiful, floral design, that leads you through various aspects of prayer such as:

    • your worship
    • your world
    • your nation
    • your community
    • your church
    • your friends
    • your family
    • yourself
    • God's promises

    Included in this book is a complete section on prayer helps, various prayer guides to help guide how you can pray over various topics, blank calendars for your custom use, pages in each topic area for targeted prayer requests, praise reports, and areas to write down what God is sharing with you about that topic. 

    And even better, you get a CD that contains the design pages of the blank calendars, and fill-in request pages for each section so you can continue to expand your prayer book after filling up the pages initially provided to you.

    And if that's that not enough, we also send out routine updates throughout the year that include new pages that you can download and add to your book!