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Answering the Call to Prayer

Prayer changes all things, but most of all, prayer changes us.

Many of us feel the desire to pray - it's the natural draw of the creation to its Creator - however, many struggle with knowing what to pray or how to enjoy their prayer time. We can find ourselves watching the clock, being distracted, or getting frustrated and feeling guilty that we don't necessarily always look forward to a daily prayer time.

You are not alone. Countless people struggle with these issues because the society we live in provides little in the way of spiritual focus. Technology, instant messaging, and social media often hinder the ability of a person to be able to commune with God with all of its distractions and immediate demand for our attention. And even if you can and do pray, there are so many needs we have that we can feel lost with knowing how to address them all, much less, just simply be able to relax in God's presence and get to know Him.

So we've create a prayer resource to help ease your frustrations and grow your prayer life. A Call to Prayer is a journal/notebook that can help guide your prayer time and provide prayer helps, topics, and areas to deepen your person reflections and what God is sharing with you. People who have used this book have shared how it has enriched their prayer time, helped them experience God in new ways, helped them hear His voice as He spoke to them, and enable them to have a daily prayer time that they looked forward to.

If you have not yet received your Call to Prayer notebook, please stop by and pick up a copy in either a FLORAL or VINTAGE design.

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